Draymond Green Wouldn’t Stop Making Fun Of Drake’s Outfit On Snapchat

The Warriors took down the Pelicans in easy fashion on Saturday night in Kevin Durant’s return to the court in a 123-101 win in Oakland, and with an off-day coming up on Sunday they could afford to go out and celebrate some. Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant hit the town after the win and they were joined by hip-hop star and noted sports fan Drake.

Drake, who just dropped More Life, is riding a seemingly unstoppable wave of popularity right now as one of the world’s biggest music stars, but that doesn’t make him immune to getting roasted by Draymond Green. Draymond’s Snapchat is one of the NBA’s most entertaining social media follows this side of Joel Embiid, as he regularly makes fun of his teammates for what they’re wearing or doing — he was at his best during the Olympics.

On Saturday night, Draymond spent multiple Snaps laughing at Drake’s outfit, specifically his pants with an elastic cuff on the bottom and his white socks with the white Air Max 95s. Drake laughed along as Draymond kept yelling about his pants and socks, and at one point started doing the Heisman pose to show them off.

Curry and Durant found it quite funny too, but that quickly backfired as Draymond turned his attention to their “terrible jackets” and continued to make fun of them.

The rule, as always, is to never laugh too hard while someone is getting roasted because you will hear, “oh, I know you aren’t laughing,” followed by a ruthless roasting session directed at you.