Draymond Green Pressed Ja Morant On If He’s Still ‘Fine In The West’

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game did not produce the on-court fireworks that the new Elam Ending format has given us in recent years, as Team Giannis ran away from Team LeBron in the third quarter to make the outcome all-but a moot point.

While Jayson Tatum set an All-Star scoring record with 55 points, one of the more intriguing parts of the night came in the form of a sideline interview between Draymond Green and Ja Morant on the TBS’ Inside the NBA alternate broadcast. Given the Warriors and Grizzlies have become something of a rivalry, whether players on either side want to admit it, it was interesting seeing Green in his media role taking on an interview with Morant, and Draymond couldn’t help but bring up Ja’s now infamous “I’m fine in the West” comments from earlier in the year.

Since those comments, Memphis has stumbled a bit, seeing Denver take a 5-game lead in the West race for the top seed, and with the Suns adding Kevin Durant and other teams in the West making a lot of deadline moves to improve, it was fair to ask if he still feels that way.

Ja was very much not excited about the question, but handled it like a pro, ultimately giving Draymond the soundbite he came for, saying he’s still fine in the West, albeit noting the pathway might be a touch harder. Morant notes he’s gotta be confident, but did seem to realize he’s backed himself into a corner where all he can do at this point is double down. We’ll find out in April, May, and June if he and the Grizzlies can make good on his words. I do love how much Green loved asking this question, because he knew it would make Morant just a little uncomfortable, and if he has his way, it’ll be the Warriors who get to make the Grizzlies eat their words later this season.