Draymond Green Joked He’s ‘Been Ejected For Less’ After Jae Crowder’s Flagrant For Kicking Luka In The Nuts

One of the biggest stories from Sunday’s start of the second round in the NBA Playoffs was Draymond Green’s ejection from the first half of what became a 117-116 Warriors win for a Flagrant 2 foul on Brandon Clarke.

Green wasn’t pleased with that decision, unsurprisingly, and felt it was only a Flagrant 2 because of his reputation — something he said on his podcast and in his appearance on Inside the NBA on Monday night — despite the explanation from officials that it was a two-part foul, hitting Clarke in the face and then dragging him down by his jersey, that led to the ejection.

In any case, Green was active and engaged watching Monday’s games, so when Jae Crowder kicked his leg out and hit Luka Doncic in the nuts, triggering a review, Draymond was a very interested viewer.

The referees deemed it to be a Flagrant 1, which Green got a laugh out of.

I can only imagine Green, who has gotten himself in trouble with flailing legs before did this while watching at home before firing off some tweets.

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In any case, Green’s assertion that he’s been ejected for less probably isn’t true, but is pretty funny. It was certainly a flagrant foul on Crowder but Green is still mad about his ejection on Sunday, which the league refused to reduce after the fact, leaving him with two flagrant foul points against him this postseason.