Kevin Hart Got Robbed In His Ridiculous 3-Point Shootout Against Draymond Green

Didn’t see this coming, and we’re pretty sure “Treymond” Green would have liked to beat Kevin Hart for that trophy instead of the exciting tie after Hart hit his last shot at the buzzer. In fact, the Warriors do-everything power forward didn’t even finish his final rack of balls. And yet, still, they freakin’ tied!

And then the pair had a slightly forced exchange at half court as Kevin Hart got a participation ribbon and Dray got a trophy that almost towered over the diminutive comedian.

Look at how Hart hit his last shot in enough time:

Howard Beck was right.


As an astute reader pointed out to us in the comments, Hart’s feet were over the line on his buzzer-beater, which is why it didn’t count. Despite that bit of luck for Golden State’s first time all-star, he still dodged a bullet.