We Hope This Old Draymond Green LinkedIn Page Is Real Because It’s Spectacular

09.13.17 5 months ago

Getty Image

Whether you have ever used it for actually finding work or even connecting with others in your industry, you probably have a LinkedIn page. You might be like me and never check it, letting emails about people wanting to connect with you pile up in a folder until you delete hundreds of them, but it’s still there, letting people know your basic work history, give or take the last eight months since you checked it and maybe changed jobs.

Most everyone in the professional world has a LinkedIn and if you went to college in the early 2010s you probably were told to create one so you’d be ahead of the game when you were getting ready to hit the job market. That apparently goes for athletes that were pro prospects too, as Twitter user @CespedesBBQ found out by stumbling across a now dormant LinkedIn page for Warriors star Draymond Green.

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