We Hope This Old Draymond Green LinkedIn Page Is Real Because It’s Spectacular

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Whether you have ever used it for actually finding work or even connecting with others in your industry, you probably have a LinkedIn page. You might be like me and never check it, letting emails about people wanting to connect with you pile up in a folder until you delete hundreds of them, but it’s still there, letting people know your basic work history, give or take the last eight months since you checked it and maybe changed jobs.

Most everyone in the professional world has a LinkedIn and if you went to college in the early 2010s you probably were told to create one so you’d be ahead of the game when you were getting ready to hit the job market. That apparently goes for athletes that were pro prospects too, as Twitter user @CespedesBBQ found out by stumbling across a now dormant LinkedIn page for Warriors star Draymond Green.

Now, there are fake athlete LinkedIn pages out there — I cannot imagine why one would take the time to make one, but they exist — but this one seems pretty legit, and I really hope it is because some of the descriptions are quite funny.

Here we have his home page, where his occupation is listed as “student athlete at NCAA basketball player” and notes that he played in two Final Fours at Michigan State. My favorite part is that his specialties listed are “Mid Range jump shot” and “working with kids,” which, while seemingly not related, will make more sense when you scroll down.

Here we have some work history which has clearly not been updated since he went to the NBA, because it says he’s been a student athlete at Michigan State for over nine years. As for that “working with kids” thing, his work at Tom Izzo’s basketball camps is listed on his work experience, which makes more sense than Draymond just touting that he’s good with kids.

Maybe this was just a creation by a fan back in 2011, but based on the fact that it trails off and hasn’t been updated in six years makes me truly believe this is Draymond’s actual LinkedIn page. A college senior that’s not completely sure what his NBA future will be would probably think a LinkedIn page is a good idea to have, just in case, and then once he made it in the league there was never any reason to update it — I’m like 99 percent sure GMs don’t check LinkedIn for background on a player.