Draymond Green Had This Likable Reaction To Steve Kerr Calling Him ‘Unlikable’

02.22.16 2 years ago
draymond green, steve kerr


Draymond Green can certainly rub people the wrong way. With his endless swagger and overzealous posturing, his irritating (and effective) defense, and relentless chattering at opponents (and opposing fans), the first-time All-Star has a knack for getting under your skin. It’s part of his whole milieu. Every great team needs a guy like Green to be their lightning rod, and he’s embraced that role with glee.

So, he couldn’t have really been that surprised when head coach Steve Kerr told reporters (obviously only half-joking) that everyone on the team except for Dray is relatively likable.

Clearly, Kerr was referring to opposing fans, because Green has become something of a folk hero among residents of the Bay Area for his — in many ways — unlikely rise from obscurity to superstardom over the past season-and-a-half. And Green didn’t get to where he is by being thin-skinned or trying to win a popularity contest, so his reaction to that quip struck the perfect note of amusement and dismissiveness.

Green and the Warriors are on a mission: to repeat as NBA champions this spring and possibly break the ’96 Bulls’ single-season win record along the way. Everything else is secondary at this point, especially popularity.

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