Draymond Green Dished On The Guys His Trash Talk Never Worked On

10.11.18 8 months ago

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Draymond Green is always up to talk junk, and there isn’t much you can do to stop him. It doesn’t matter what your stature is in the league, because if he has something to say about you, then he’s going to say it. If he gets in your head then that’s a victory for him, because that’s where he wants to exist — he wants to get everybody off their game with his words.

Even off the court, Green will endlessly talk to anybody that’s willing to listen to him, which makes him one of the NBA’s most fascinating players. So when he did a sit-down interview with ESPN the Magazine, you knew what he was going to say would be of interest, especially when he started to talk about who he will and won’t talk trash to. Nobody is safe from Green, but he also doesn’t waste time on someone he knows it won’t be effective on, such as NBA legends Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.

“The guy I’d never waste my breath on? Tim Duncan. As a rookie, I tried talking junk to Tim, and he was like a tree staring back at me. [Laughs] No expression. I said, “All right. It’s over.” Never talked junk to him again. After that, anytime he fell, I’d be the first person to help him up, like I was his teammate. [Laughs] I also tried talking junk to Kobe [Bryant], maybe my second year. On a potential game winner, Mark Jackson put me in to guard him, and I got the stop. I said, “Yeah, I’m locking that s— up!” He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “That miss ain’t got nothing to do with you. Sit down.” I said, “Oh, s—! All right, I’m out.”

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