Draymond Green Is Sick Of Getting Technicals For Yelling After Dunks

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Draymond Green is a lot of things. A champion. A Spartan. A kicker of male genitals.

He’s also someone who doesn’t hold back his emotions, so he enjoys screaming after blocked shots and dunks, something that has drawn the ire of officials this season in the form of technical fouls. Green thinks his screams of joy show that he is being targeted by officials.

“I got two techs this year for yelling, ‘Ahhh’?” Green told The Undefeated. “At this point, do I need to wear a mask? Am I allowed to show emotion on the floor? That’s who I am. I play with emotion.

“I love this game, so I’m going to show emotion. But if you yell, ‘Ahhh,’ after a dunk … I’ve never seen anyone get a tech for that.”

“At a certain point, you kind of get a reputation and you’re judged off that reputation,” Green said. “I think I’ve gotten a reputation for arguing calls. That’s what I got techs for [last season]. I understand that. Now I don’t argue calls, so why am I getting techs for yelling?”

This should be like when Monica Seles grunted all the time during tennis matches. It was deemed fine because she was consistent with her noises and they weren’t considered to be an attempt to distract or upset her opponents. Everyone adjusted and now a lot of tennis players make guttural noises. If Green can show the same level of excitement after every Warriors accomplishment, then he should be fine.

[Warriors win opening tip]
[Draymond Green screams]
[Steph Curry hits a free throw to make it 18-17 Warriors]
[Draymond Green flexes and screams]
[Kevin Durant hits a 3-pointer to tie the game at 45]
[Draymond Green climbs on the scorer’s table, flexes and screams]

I’ve never had an idea this good: More screaming. Someone get Adam Silver on the phone ASAP.