A Man At A Celtics Game Drooled Beer All Over Himself Because He Knew He Was On TV

10.20.16 2 years ago

Things got a little weird when they showed this Boston Celtic fan on television.

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Above is a video of man realizing he is on TV and deciding to use this moment to intentionally let beer dribble out of his mouth and onto his shirt.

I probably need to fill this out a little bit even though nothing else really matters except the man intentionally drooling beer onto himself. That’s ESPN’s Hubie Brown and Dave Pasch. This is an NBA preseason game in Boston. It could be a cricket game in India or a soccer game on Mars and the headline remains a man sipping his beer and letting it ooze out of his mouth while his friend covers his mouth for some odd reason.

The presidential election is in less than three weeks and this guy can vote. Thank you for reading.

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