Dwight Howard Dominates The Magic In His Return To Orlando; Deron Williams Is Back

03.13.13 6 years ago 3 Comments
It wasn’t quite like LeBron returning to Cleveland or like Death Row Records coming to New York City. But Dwight Howard was showered with more than a few boos in his return to Orlando, and more than a few creative signs. There was a “Judas Coward” and a “Congratulations: we despise you more than Shaq!” and a “Dwight: my four-year-old can make free throws.” It’s too bad none of those signs could play defense because Howard looked like Superman again, obliterating the Magic for 39 points, 16 rebounds and 39 free throw attempts in a 106-97 Lakers win. … L.A. followed Howard’s lead from the start. The big man was active, hyped (he was talking some junk with the fans after sending Tobias Harris‘ runner to the parking lot) and bouncy. The Lakers started the second quarter on a 11-1 run as the center was eating up the glass and getting more involved after Kobe‘s shoot-a-thon to start the opening minutes. Then, he was heavily involved again during a 15-2 third quarter run that sealed the deal … Hopefully you’re keeping an eye on Tobias Harris (17 points, 15 rebounds). He can move, can shoot and actually tries on defense. He blocked a Howard dunk attempt from behind in the third quarter last night that had everyone spitting out their drinks … Dwyane Wade (23 points) and Miami beat Atlanta by 17, extending their winning streak to 19. This one was never in doubt, not after the Heat jumped out 22-10 to start. It’s so depressing to watch Atlanta play, especially when you’re comparing them to a team like the Heat … Just when you wanted to start taking Boston serious, they go and get blown out in Charlotte, 100-74. Gerald Henderson was a monster, scoring 35 points, and even hitting what had to be the shot of the night. In the second quarter, Henderson got the ball after another klutzy move from Byron Mullens. He took one dribble, then launched himself at the rim before contorting his body, double-pumping, and making a layup by releasing the ball down near his feet … In his first action in the first half, Jordan Crawford hit a pull-up and the announcers started saying, “We know from his days in Washington that he’s a volume shooter, and if he gets it going, he is a TOUGH cover” … “Yeah and he posterized Brandon Knight with a dunk the other night that they are still talking about on Twitter.” Um, you mean DeAndre Jordan right? There’s about an eight inch height difference between the two … Ben Gordon (17 points) came in during the second quarter, and this is no lie, took four three-pointers (or near three-pointers) on his first three trips downcourt. The other two times he initially touched it? Pump fakes and nearly more triple attempts. It was unbelievable. He was making Jordan Crawford look like Bob Cousy … And recently on DimeMag.com, we wrote a piece detailing which teams would be interested in signing Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas and Eddy Curry for the stretch run now that their seasons in China are over. We actually spoke to ‘Mac’s agent, Arn Tellem, who told us: “Tracy had a great experience in China and would love to play there again. If an opportunity arises in the NBA he will give it all due consideration. He would be happy to play in the NBA next season but he would be equally content to return to China and play in the CBA.” So much for his “retirement,” although it remains to be seen if anyone ever offers him a NBA shot again … Keep reading to hear about how Vince Carter turned back the clock …

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