How Erik Spoelstra And Dwyane Wade’s Post-Game Comments Prove The Warriors’ Supremacy

01.12.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

This was odd.

The peculiarity stems from the team the comments came from. After the Warriors won their seventh-straight this season over the visiting Heat on Monday night, 111-103, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and shooting guard Dwyane Wade spoke as if they were a young upstart hoping to make a name for themselves going against the defending champs.

“Our guys did enough to give ourselves a chance,” Spoelstra said after the game.

Dwyane Wade, who was obviously an integral part of Miami’s four-straight trips to the Finals with LeBron James, and who won a title of his own with Shaq in 2007, spoke of “competing.”

What in the hell? ESPN’s J.A. Adande was right. The Dubs have turned a title-winning collection of guys into pretenders to the throne.

“We did what we wanted to do, in terms of coming in and competing.” Does that sound like Dwyane Wade? Does that sound like a three-time champion, who just lost by eight?

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