Dwyane Wade Flailed On The Floor After A Flop For The Ages

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Wade 🤔😂

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There’s an art to flopping. And while some may dismiss it altogether, the reality is if your team flops – and gets away with it – you’re usually happy because you get calls in your favor. Some players are better at it than others, but if there was a flopping Hall of Fame, Dwyane Wade would be first-ballot alongside Anderson Varejao and Manu Ginobili.

But even Picasso had some duds. This was not one of Wade’s finest efforts.

I don’t even know what to say about this. It’s almost as if Wade expected there to be more contact, or a little body bump, but when there wasn’t he just went with it anyway. Maybe someone yelled “SNIPER!” and he hit the deck. That little extra time where he’s on the ground cradling his head while the play is still going on is what sets this apart. Sure, if you flop, and you get caught, you dust yourself off and try to make it seem like you tripped on an invisible rock or something. But instead, Wade just keeps on selling it.

Wade’s a three-time champ, he’s got a wonderful wife, a beautiful home in Miami, and he’s playing for his hometown Chicago Bulls. Through the sheer power of will alone, Wade thought he was going to get a foul call. There’s beauty in that, even if he looks like a complete clown while he’s doing it.