Dwyane Wade Got Saucy During His Twitter Q&A After A ‘Fan’ Tried To Troll Him About LeBron

07.06.15 4 years ago

Social media is a tool, and like most tools, it can also be used as a weapon. But it’s usually not as sharp, nor does it cut as cleanly. It’s more of a blunt-force object.

That’s more or less how you might describe the interaction between Dwyane Wade and a “fan” during an impromptu Q&A he hosted via Twitter earlier today. The back-and-forths were mostly amicable, but the temptation proved too great for a few would-be Twitter trolls who would try (and mostly fail) to cut Wade down to size.

Why attack Wade at this point in his career? Because of residual resentment toward the “Hollywood as hell” Heatles? Because he’s more than once graced the cover of GQ? Because he married movie starlet Gabrielle Union, thus spawning a two-headed Hydra power couple? Because he and best friend LeBron James probably use the word “summer” as a verb to describe what they and their respective families are currently doing in the Bahamas?

Okay, so maybe there are a lot of reasons why, but the lesson here, as always, is that this type of online behavior rarely ever works out, especially when dealing with celebrities. They’re called trolls for a reason. Most of the time, they’re sent scurrying back under the damp and dark and shameful anonymity of their virtual bridge crossings.

Even if Wade didn’t completely own the guy who asked this question, it was still a relatively witty rejoinder.


But it didn’t stop there, because everyone’s a comedian on social media.

Props for calling out Salvatore and not Tim Donaghy.

Twitter is a populist and democratizing force, and Wade and other celebrities deserve props for having the sense of humor and the self-awareness to offer themselves up to the type of vitriol that gets hurled at them from the faceless masses like so many rotten tomatoes.

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