Enes Kanter Responded To Kevin Durant By Calling The Thunder A ‘Family’

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Kevin Durant is really sorry he threw his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates under the proverbial bus on Twitter on Monday. Durant has acknowledged that he goofed, though he won’t exactly say he has burner Twitter accounts with which to combat his haters.

In any event, accidentally calling out Billy Donovan and his former Thunder teammates under his own name was inevitably going to create some blowback from said former teammates. Enes Kanter appears to be the first Thunder player to respond.

He posted on Twitter Tuesday night about his basketball “family” and said he’s proud to play for the Thunder.

“I don’t care what anyone says,” Kanter said. “Oklahoma City Thunder is the best and most professional organization in the NBA and got the craziest fans.”

The tweet was a clear clap back to Durant’s unintentional clap back. Well, at least a clap back that was clearly not meant to be tweeted out by an account that’s followed by nearly 17 million people.

“We win-we lost but the most important thing we stick together because we are one,” Kanter continued. “And those cats, I call them family.”

That Thunder family, of course, will be a lot more competitive with Paul George this season. But the bad blood between the Thunder and Durant is clearly only going to get worse.