Kenneth Faried Didn’t Stand A Chance Against This Explosive Eric Bledsoe Dunk

Few basketball players have the ups of Phoenix guard Eric Bledsoe. He’s only 6’1, but when Bledsoe is able to get a head of steam and elevate, he can throw down with anyone. The thing that makes Bledsoe so special is he can also finish these highlight reel-caliber dunks through traffic. Kenneth Faried learned this the hard way, as Bledsoe soared through the air and gave us the dunk of the night.

Bledsoe split a pair of Nuggets defenders and had a clear path to the rim. Faried noticed this and tried to cut the high flying point guard off. He seemed to time his challenge perfectly, as the two got to the rim at the same time. Normally, you’d expect the 6’8 forward to win this battle, but Bledsoe is anything but normal.

This was so nasty. Bledsoe hit the floor hard after a foul that didn’t get called, but seemed to be ok, probably because he had a massive rush of adrenaline from putting Faried on a poster. This angle shows the Suns’ bench, which predictably went insane.

The dunk wasn’t Bledsoe’s only crazy feat of athleticism on the night – check out this filthy layup in which he blows past Jameer Nelson and adjusts in mid-air to avoid challenges from Nikola Jokic and Danilo Gallinari.

Unfortunately for Bledsoe, Faried (along with all the other Nuggets defenders he tormented) got the last laugh, as Denver beat Phoenix, 127-120.