Eric Bledsoe Was Forced To Face The Warriors With His Name Misspelled On His Jersey

Associate Editor

Jersey misspellings happen. Just ask Andray Blatche, who once had to wear a jersey around with the last name “BALTCHE” written across the back. Or ask the Washington Nationals, which one had to wear jerseys that said “NATINALS” across the front. Both of these were probably kind of lame, because it’s easy to double check and make sure that something like this doesn’t happen, but they were still pretty funny and we still like to make jokes about them.

We may have had another moment like this on Sunday afternoon during the Phoenix Suns’ game against the Golden State Warriors. Suns guard Eric Bledsoe took the floor like usual, with the only issue being the last name on his jersey was spelled wrong. So instead of being Eric “BLEDSOE” the Suns guard had to go by the name given to him by someone who wasn’t paying attention in the equipment room earlier: Eric “BELDSOE”.

It was a harmless mistake, and odds are Bledsoe will never have this happen to him again. Unless, of course, he goes off against the Warriors en route to a Suns win and decides to go with his new last name for the rest of his career. If that’s the case, there will probably be a ton of “BELDSOE” jerseys in the greater Phoenix area sooner rather than later.

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