Eric Gordon Just Doesn’t Understand How Restricted Free Agency Works

Eric Gordon was offered, and signed, a 4 year, $58 million max contract by the Phoenix Suns, and Gordon fell in love. Head over heels, really. Effusive praise flew out of his mouth, and Gordon was trying to will his way out of New Orleans. But since he’s a restricted free agent, the decision is out of his hands. The truth finally came out yesterday, when Gordon spoke about his decision to sign the Suns’ offer sheet.

“‘Phoenix just showed a lot more interest, overall, and definitely in how they negotiated,’ Gordon said. ‘I don’t know what New Orleans’ plans are for me. There are no negotiations right now.’

‘They drafted another shooting guard, a combo guard like me, which tells me they have another plan,’ Gordon said.”

Gordon does bring up a good point which everyone seems to ignore – Rivers and Gordon play the exact same position, which is somewhere between the one and two-guard spot. That fabled ball-dominating combo guard, whatever that means. That could be a problem, having two of them on the court at once, but the Hornets aren’t too concerned apparently: they’re going to match the Suns’ offer.

But Gordon’s petty ignorance is what’s more surprising, or at least that his agent hasn’t fully explained the situation to him. He cites the Suns’ interest, and the Hornets’ lack thereof, as reason to bolt. “There are no negotiations right now.” Of course there aren’t any, Eric. You are restricted. Which means New Orleans only has to match any offer sheet you sign. Why would they offer their own contract, risking overpayment? It’s just smart cap maneuvering, more than anything else. Ignorance isn’t bliss, clearly.

h/t Pro Basketball Talk

Should the Hornets match the Suns’ offer sheet?

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