Let’s See If You Can Guess Which Sixth Grader Is Erick Dampier’s Kid

Erick Dampier spent 16 seasons in the NBA, mostly with the Warriors and Mavericks, averaging 7.4 points and 7.1 rebounds per game across his lengthy career. The 7-footer was a steady presence in the paint for his teams for well over a decade, and it appears he might not be the only Erick Dampier to make a name for himself in the world of basketball.

His son, Erick Dampier Jr., is in sixth grade and is already 6’5, which provides some rather hysterical visuals when he’s playing with peers of the same age. The younger Dampier apparently plays up during the travel seasons in the spring/summer but plays with his age group in the winter and the result is, well, this.

I really enjoy the kid who runs to do a jumping shoulder bump with Dampier, who never leaves the ground for it. This genuinely looks like those videos of when an NBA player hosts a kids camp and ends up playing a few games with the campers and goes all out, swatting shots and dunking all over the kids to their delight, except this is a kid the same age as them and it cannot be nearly as enjoyable for the other team. Eventually they’ll have a hell of a story to tell about the time they had to play against Dampier when he was a full 18 inches taller than them and he ran up a halftime stat line of 24 points and 21 rebounds.