Excellent Rookie Hazing At Warriors Open Practice

Rookie hazing in the NBA is light years from the aggressive forms of torture rookies have undergone in the NFL, but it’s still a rite of passage however tame. The Golden State Warriors, especially, seem to delight in silly costumes and forced renditions of songs. It happened again last night during their open practice with rookies Aaron Craft, Sean Kilpatrick, Mitchell Watt and James McAdoo rocking mortifying getups while singing such hits as “I Can Show You the World” in front of thousands of their fans at Oracle Arena.

This might seem sorta blasé to NFL rookies, or even more hard-charging fraternity brothers, but singing in front of thousands of fans when you’re tone deaf is it’s own form of comeuppance. Bravo to all the Dubs rookies, though. They performed admirably considering the situation forced on them:

(H/T Lang Whitaker)

Who performed best?

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