Woman Takes Selfie With Allen Iverson, But Admits She Doesn’t Know Him

We’re not a big fan of the selfie phenomenon, but we’re probably just old fashioned. If we saw Allen Iverson in the club, we’d probably just note we’re at a great club. We already got a chance to pick his brain, but others aren’t so lucky. That being said, if you snap a pic with The Answer, you better know the answer if someone asks who is in the pic of you on Instagram.

One lady snapped a pic of Iverson at the club, but didn’t know who he was as her Instagram post notes. As is often the case on social media, she found her ignorance hilarious.


We’ve tried to go to the girl’s IG page, but it’s no longer available, which is actually understandable.

Iverson is a demigod for some, and by acknowledging her unfamiliarity about AI, this girl opened herself up to all sorts of vitriol in the comments. Iverson is a folk hero to more hoops fans than many realize, and that group can be quick to malign anyone who forgets his unique greatness.

While others let the limelight of the NBA change who they were and where they came from, Iverson never forgot — for better and worse. It’s why he’ll always be one of the more transcendent figures in not just basketball but all of professional sports.

Still, there are probably a lot of millennial kids who weren’t old enough, or paying enough attention, to fall in love with the 6-foot (but really more like 5-10) point guard in Philly. We love him; some, don’t even know who he is. The world still keeps spinning, but least this girl knows Iverson now.

Thanks to BroBible for bringing this to our attention.

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