Finding The NBA’s Peyton Manning; MJ’s Worst Draft Pick Returns

09.18.12 6 years ago
LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

You can probably guess how the Atlanta Falcons feel right now. They get a huge win on Monday Night Football, but all anyone wants to talk about is how the other team — more specifically how the other quarterback (Peyton Manning) — lost the game, not how the Falcons won the game. It must be frustrating and a little insulting. Well, that’s how every opponent of the Miami Heat and L.A. Lakers is going to feel this upcoming NBA season. Whenever the Heat or Lakers lose, that will be the story; that they lost, not that the other team won. And that’s why it’ll be especially tough for Miami to repeat its championship, and why it’ll be near impossible for L.A. to fulfill Metta World Peace‘s prediction of a 73-win season. Because not only does the rest of the league have talent, but they also have pride. As much as we’ll love the underdogs, though, we’re still going to be disappointed if we don’t get that Heat/Lakers championshp series in June … Speaking of Metta, the Lakers are spending so much money on their superstar-filled lineup that he could become a business casualty. Cutting World Peace (sounds like an idea from the Mitt Romney budget) would save the Lakers an estimated $31 million in tax money, and while GM Mitch Kupchak says he likes his team as-is, that’s a lot of cash … So would you want Metta on your team? He’s not All-Defensive material anymore, and offensively he’s as reliable as a Las Vegas slot machine. And as James Harden‘s face can testify, there’s still got a little bit of Crazy Ron running around somewhere between those ears … The summer-long Josh Harrellson saga is finally over, as he is officially a member of the Miami Heat. Is it just us, or did it seem like Harrellson-to-Miami talk has been going on since the day free agency began and got WAY too much attention? Does anyone really think Jorts is going to be anything better than a not-that-good version of Nick Collison? … The Heat had to choose between Harrellson and Hassan Whiteside, who was one of the best shot-blockers in college basketball a couple years ago but honestly needed another year of seasoning at Marshall. Another name mentioned in Miami’s backup center search was Birdman Andersen, but the NBA already has one Chris Hansen in its universe (the guy trying to bring the Sonics back to Seattle) and REALLY doesn’t want the other Chris Hansen involved … … Hit the jump to see which NBA Draft bust is getting another shot …

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