Pippen & Barkley Teach James Harden About Short Memory In Foot Locker Ad

Foot Locker rolled out a new ad this off-season featuring Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen attempting teaching James Harden how to have a short memory. The fact Barkley is in the ad with Pippen is almost a part of the lesson.

In the new spot from Foot Locker, Chuck tells James a short memory is the key to being great. Harden lists a couple of unsavory moments from Chuck’s career, including the time he threw an autograph seeker through the window of a bar. Chuck stops him and points out Pippen in the background as an example.

Pippen exclaims, “I’m the greatest Chicago Bull of all time,” and Chuck tells Harden, “See what I mean?”

The funniest part of this spot lies in the premise itself. The great ones do need a bad memory, something that’s hindered LeBron James and his near-photographic recall. Still, seeing Barkley and Pippen in the same ad also teaches a lesson. They’ve *forgotten* their feud immediately after both were members of the Houston Rockets during the 1998-99 season.

Chuck got upset that Pippen only stuck around for one year — before he fled to Portland. This happened after Barkley took a paycut to bring Pippen aboard. Pippen said Barkley should apologize to him for coming into camp with his “sorry fat butt.”

Bad memory, indeed.

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