This Wild High School Basketball Game Featured A Full-Court Shot That Forced A Fourth Overtime

You know how the Internet lies to you all the time? You click headlines like “Check out this amazing this!” and “You won’t believe how blah blah blah!” and after sitting through two 30-second ads, you are so disappointed you wish the Internet never existed.

The ending to this high school boys basketball game is the greatest thing you will see on the Internet today, guaranteed, and possibly the rest of this year.

The scene is Saint Peter, Minn., and there are five seconds remaining in a game between Waseca High School and Marshall High School. Waseca is up three and if they make one more free throw, the game is over. But the free throw is missed and the first bit of insanity takes place.

Without question the best part of the video is the two Waseca kids taking off to celebrate when the brick of a 3-pointer thuds against the back of the rim, but still somehow drops through to force overtime.

There isn’t any video from the first two overtimes, but a third overtime was reached after a steal and a basket by Marshall sent the game to a third overtime. This is the part of the story you will watch at least a dozen times because it’s so unreal you will think it’s part of an ad campaign for an energy drink or Axe body spray.

With one second left, Marshall extends its lead to three points by hitting a free throw. Well, it’s been fun, Waseca, but this is where it ends for you. Unless you hit a full-court shot with one second remaining …

The video from the other end of the court shows a Marshall kid put his hands on his hips right before the ball goes in, as if he knew something bad was about to happen.

And the view from what looks to be from the Marshall fan section.

The kid who hit the three-pointer, Nick Dufault, is the same player who missed the free throw at the end of regulation that would have put Waseca up four.

After all that, it seems almost anti-climactic, but Waseca wins with a 3-pointer at the buzzer in the fourth overtime to clinch a spot in the state tournament.

The only shame here is there should have been about one second left on the clock for Marshall to inbound the ball. And after everything we’ve just seen, it’s pretty obvious they would have hit a 90-footer to force a fifth overtime.