Frank Kaminsky Destroyed ESPN’s Dan Dakich In A Twitter Fight On Paying College Athletes

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04.03.17 9 Comments

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No one resents the concept of paying college athletes more than ESPN’s Dan Dakich. A college basketball announcer and former coach/player, Dakich is serious about the “entitled” nature of college hoops or some nonsense. It comes off as very shock jock-y, but he’s able to make a living out of this stuff, so good for him.

Anyway, Dakich decided to start yammering on about how college athletes aren’t actually exploited, probably because it is Monday and he is just wasting time until the weekend gets here.

So out of nowhere, a champion for college athletes decided to emerge: Hornets big man and former national player of the year for the Wisconsin Badgers, Frank Kaminsky.

The two then got into a lengthy spat about how the other just doesn’t get it. Dakich’s argument was that his son plays basketball and he gets money, while Kaminsky argued that he just wanted to be able to profit off of his name. Off we go!

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