Frank Kaminsky Thinks Michael Jordan Can Beat Him One-On-One

11.20.15 3 years ago

Rumors of Michael Jordan lacing up his sneakers once again in order to make a third comeback in the NBA have been floating around just about every year since his last retirement back in 2003. Sometimes, it has been pure speculation from a former player who knows the man on a personal level, and they’ve seen first-hand how competitive he is. Other times, it has been the result of a report that he destroyed a current player one-on-one during practice.

Unfortunately, we seem forever stuck in the “wait and see” stage, and with each passing year, the likelihood of a comeback becomes less and less likely. However, you can add Charlotte Hornets rookie forward Frank Kaminsky to the list of current players who believe that if MJ did decide to make a comeback, he’d still be a good player.

During an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Kaminsky was asked by Patrick who would win in a game of one-on-one, and he wasted no time sucking up for his boss, saying Jordan, at age 52, would still beat him. The funny thing is, Jordan probably thinks so, too.

It should be noted that Kaminsky did not exactly endorse Jordan’s comeback. “Being an owner is a pretty good gig, too,” he said.

Indeed. Plus, he still has that billion-dollar shoe enterprise to keep him busy.

(NBC Sports)

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