George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin Teams Up With Dwyane Wade This New Spot For Gatorade Frost

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Sometimes an ad campaign and its spokesman just make perfect sense together, and Gatorade bringing in “The Iceman,” George Gervin for a line of drinks called “frost” is one of those times.

An NBA hall-of-famer, Gervin was one of the smoothest players in basketball history. Throughout his 14 seasons in the NBA and ABA, the master of the finger roll was dominant on the offensive end and more than earned his reputation as one of the most fearsome scorers of the late ’70s and early ’80s.

With Gatorade recently coming out with a new line of sports drinks called “Gatorade Frost” which include flavors such as Summit Storm, Arctic Blitz, and Icy Charge, they rightfully determined that Gervin was the only NBA legend they could pair up with Dwyane Wade to help promote them.

In an add befittingly called “Play Cool” (also a nod to a song by The Roots), Wade meets up in a frozen tundra with Gervin after he takes a sip of Gatorade Frost and the two trade quips about just how cool they both are.

D-Wade is a pretty smooth customer himself, but it’s hard to match the coldness of Gervin. Up until Klay Thompson recently broke it, The Iceman had the record for points in a quarter, as Gervin dumped in 33 points in one 12-minute stretch in 1978, a year and a half before the league implemented the three-point line.