Here’s Your Yearly Reminder That Gerald Green Is One Of The Most Explosive Athletes On Earth

Zach LaVine revived the Dunk Contest, and nobody slams with more frequent aplomb in games than DeAndre Jordan. But in terms of sheer explosiveness, we’ve always thought Gerald Green was a cut above the rest of basketball.

You can see why, right?


The Phoenix Suns wing seems as if he’s sprung off a trampoline or is equipped with a Rocketeer-style uniform here. Not only does he take off from just inside the block, but has enough hang-time to contort his body around Tristan Thompson and still throw down with utmost authority. It helps, of course, that Green was continuing to rise even after the Cleveland Cavaliers big man had nearly gone back to the floor.

Seriously, just look at this one more time.

Aerial antics like that should be reserved for track and field giants or Cirque de Soleil performers. Instead it’s just Green’s yearly reminder that despite a relative lack of mesmerizing jams compared to some, he’s still the NBA’s most exciting leaper.

[Video via NBA, Vine via Andrew Han]