GIF: Cole Aldrich Jams Possible Pregame 360

Similar to the eastbay jam Iman Shumpert threw down the other day in pregame, Cole Aldrich likes to put on a little show during the pregame layup line. While Iman seems to effortlessly float towards the rim, the 25-year-old Aldrich is entering his fifth season after coming out Kansas in 2011, but isn’t exactly a skywalker like Shump. Still, the 6-11 center’s 360-degree slam is impressive, though we’re not sure he made a full rotation.

As the hard-to-please folks in reddit’s r/NBA community point out, Aldrich has already started his rotation when he plants his feet before the jump. While we don’t feel it’s closer to a 180-degree dunk, as one commenter proposed, we do think it’s more accurately described as a 270.

Regardless, the fact Aldrich cups the ball in his hand and brings it over his shoulder after revolving almost all the way around, is still impressive — even at 6-11.

(GIF via reddit)

Would you count this as a 360?

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