GIF: Glen Davis Completes Basic Dunk, Clippers Bench Explodes In Euphoria

You know how excited the entire team gets when a lineman scores a touchdown in football? Call this the hoops equivalent. After Glen Davis finished a very pedestrian fast break dunk versus the Minnesota Timberwolves last night, the Los Angeles Clippers’ bench exploded in euphoria.

Hilarious – especially coming from the Clippers. Reactions to legitimately highlight-worthy slams from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan don’t elicit such celebration these days.

Perhaps Big Baby’s teammates were expecting a different result? It wouldn’t have been the first time he missed a slam, after all:

Come to think of it, we would’ve been thrilled that Davis connected, too. No NBA player deserves the humiliation of otherwise.

(GIFs via r/nba user lolwtferic and Complex)

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