GIF: Jeremy Lin Throws An Actual No-Look Pass

We’ve got a beef with — not just the overuse of poster dunk when the dunk in question isn’t all that impressive — the idea that a no-look pass has occurred when a player passes the ball, then looks the other way. LeBron James does this all the time, but we blame commentators for the misuse of the term more than anything a player does. Jeremy Lin, on the other hand, throws actual no-look passes that bamboozle defenders with misdirection. He did it again on Christmas Day.

Watch as Lin comes up on pair of Spurs defenders during the mini-break. He uses a wayward glance, like he’s passing to a trailing teammate for an open three-pointer, to confuse them long enough to feed Terrence Jones for the easy two-handed slam.

THAT is a no-look pass.

What do you think?

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