GIF: Tim Duncan Messed Up His Reprisal Prank On Manu Ginobili

Perhaps you remember a little prank by Manu Ginobili earlier this season when he placed a paper cup underneath Tim Duncan right before he sat down along the sideline. The juvenile nature of the prank, followed by Duncan’s little kid reaction after he sat down, was adorable. On New Year’s Eve, during San Antonio’s drubbing of the Nets, Duncan attempted his revenge, except…it didn’t go so well.

Timmay wasn’t nearly as slick as the Argentinian he was trying to pay back. Duncan conspires with an assistant coach to acquire the necessary ingredients for the prank. Tony Parker sits down and attempts to stifle a giggle as he watches Timmy set everything up. But Duncan fumbles the execution, something we rarely see on the court.

TD leaves plenty of time for Manu to realize what’s going on in the seat behind him. Ginobili watches him set up the whole thing and when Duncan finally finishes and looks up, he see’s Manu’s got him dead to rights. That’s when you can see Manu holding his hand over his mouth he’s laughing so hard, and Duncan’s smirk after getting caught is an incredible moment.

The Spurs are fantastic. You just want to bring them all over to have dinner with your family during the holidays.

[h/t: Pounding the Rock]

What do you think of Duncan’s failed prank?

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