GIF: Watch Nate Wolters Walk To Sideline, Fake Timeout, Get Easy Layup

10.24.14 5 years ago

This is a heady play by Nate Wolters. But why bust it out in a meaningless exhibition game? After the bench prompted the Milwaukee Bucks point guard to call timeout, he lulled the Minnesota Timberwolves to sleep by dribbling slowly to the sideline before darting to the lane for an uncontested layup.


You’ll see ballhandlers try this from time to time during the regular season; perhaps that’s why Wolters took advantage of Minny’s carelessness now. But still, there’s the off-chance this sly move could work in a game that actually matters, and you can bet opposing teams took note and will warn opposing players of Wolters’ play going forward. At the very least, the ‘Wolves surely won’t make the same mistake again when they meet the Bucks this season.

What’s more likely is that it won’t matter at all. But this is still fun.

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