Gilbert Arenas’ Christmas List: Heat, Lakers, Knicks Or Dwight

The fact that Gilbert Arenas is still a free agent says a lot about the direction the NBA is headed. No longer does talent alone guarantee you a spot amongst the NBA’s elite – just ask Allen Iverson. So after clearing waivers, Arenas waits in limbo until a team brave enough takes a chance on the 29-year-old guard. And Santa‘s already received a letter with Gil’s preferred destinations.

According to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, if Arenas had his choice, he’d sign with the Heat, Lakers, Knicks or whichever team trades for Dwight Howard (because returning to the Magic isn’t in the cards).

Let’s quickly breakdown each situation:

Miami Heat
According to Stein, “Word is Arenas has established Miami as his East Coast base and would love to wind up there.” And who wouldn’t? While Miami was believed to prefer Davis to Arenas, only one is still available. While the Heat are high on rookie Norris Cole, backcourt depth and scoring in the second unit could make Arenas worth the risk in the eyes of Pat Riley.

Los Angeles Lakers
With Lamar Odom‘s departure and Pau Gasol‘s future in flux, the last thing the Lakers need is a headache from Arenas. While even Kobe Bryant can’t deny his talents, at this stage in the game, adding Hibachi to the already combustable mix that includes Metta World Peace and Matt Barnes could be too much.

New York Knicks
The Knicks announced today that they have signed Baron Davis, meaning the window for Arenas’ arrival has all but closed. And with Mike Bibby already in New York, along with an impressive preseason outing from rookie Iman Shumpert, it would be risky signing Arenas at this point.

Dwight Howard’s Future Team
Reports have surfaced that the Nets would sign Arenas if they’re able to trade for Howard, but there is no indication that a trade will happen any time soon. If that’s the case, Arenas may just have to keep up with Howard on Skype.

If I had to guess, Arenas would start the season without a new home. As we’ve already seen, injuries are likely to hit teams more with the condensed 66-game schedule, and if/when a backcourt is in need of a veteran guard who can still get buckets, Arenas will be ready to help out.

Who do you think will take a chance on Arenas?

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