Gilbert Arenas Goes Off (Again); And Derek Fisher Is Second-Guessed (Again)

One of these days, Gilbert Arenas is going to say the wrong thing, pop off and end up crossing the wrong team. Twitter is his drug in a way. Whenever he gets on there, all bets are off and it’s pure recklessness. Sometimes, the truth he types is honest and fun. Other times, it’s slightly uncomfortable. But the other night, Agent Zero went off about the gun charges, saying Washington leaked the story because they were sick of him and didn’t want Arenas or his huge contract around anymore. If I was dropping big numbers and we were winning, it would not still have happened? That’s basically what he said. Gil is like the crazy, loud-mouthed uncle who comes to a family barbeque like a tornado, befriending everyone, speaking his mind, leaving some laughing and others shaking their heads, rolling their eyes or backing away … Robert Horry recently said the Lakers need another point guard to replace his good buddy and longtime teammate, Derek Fisher. Fish is at the same point in his career as Horry was in 2003. If you remember then, that was Horry’s last year with the Lakers, when he basically ran himself out of town by missing what felt like 157 straight wide-open threes in the playoffs. At that point, he was more of a novelty, or a bit player, someone who might throw up a few clutch shots every now and then, but couldn’t start for a championship-level team anymore … Meanwhile, Brian Shaw admitted he found out about the Lakers hiring Mike Brown over him while watching ESPN. So the organization he had been with for 12 years, first as a player and then a coach, didn’t even let him know face to face? That’s bad. That’s like something Buffalo Wild Wings or McDonalds would do … Sasha Vujacic will be playing in Turkey next year, the Machine having signed a one-year deal with an option for a second year. No word on whether there’s an opt out … Damn, we knew Shawn Marion loved poker, but what’s up with his socks? Not only has the Matrix taken to tweeting out photos of whatever pair he’s wearing every day, but he recently showed off his lucky poker ones that he’s been wearing this whole time in Vegas apparently … Marion and basically the Mavs’ entire roster used Cryotherapy from April through the playoffs (the same procedure Kobe used earlier this summer). It must’ve helped. Cuban paid $75 a pop for each session. With each player (six of the team’s oldest players were using it) going twice a week, we calculate it cost Cuban about $9,000. Solid investment … If you were Manu Ginobili, would you be thinking retirement? He says he is. With only two years left on his contract, Manu says that might be the best time. He’ll be 36 when the contract does run out and admits he’s always thought about retiring at his highest level … And Shaq said during a conference call that he is definitively retired. No way Shaq will ever make a real attempt to come back and play. He couldn’t even take two months off without coming in out of shape and unmotivated. What’s he going to look like after a year or two? … We’re out like Fisher.

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