Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Clapped Back At Austin Rivers With A Profanity-Laced Tirade

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Glen Davis is on vacation in Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take a moment to clap back at Austin Rivers and keep a beef going.

It didn’t take long for him to see Austin Rivers call the former Boston Celtic and Los Angeles Clippers big out on FS1’s Undisputed for being out of shape and late to practice while with the Clippers.

Big Baby posted a video late Wednesday night to respond to those allegations and throw some profane shade at Rivers for taking his role on his father’s basketball team for granted.

I’m in Hawaii minding my own business and I look on Undisputed and I see ol’ punk ass Austin Rivers talking sh-t.

Come on, man. Yeah, I might have been overweight a little bit. Probably late for one or two practices. Come on man. Don’t know the plays? Come on bruh, you lying now. Now you f—king lying. Come on now man. That’s a f—king lie.

Satisfied with his rebuttal, Big Baby then goes in on Rivers, officially declaring war on every Rivers affiliated with the Los Angeles Clippers. And maybe wearers of skinny jeans everywhere.

Second of all, your father gave you your money. How can you… don’t say sh-t to me. Your father gave you your money. You ain’t work for it. Motherf—ker.

Sh-t, I was there. I seen you at practice. You didn’t give a f—k. Thinking you all that. Wearing your tight ass pants and you know your father gave you all that money so you can go wear those tight ass pants.

Now officially wound up, with spittle flying into the phone he was recording on, Big Baby offered a final warning to Austin Rivers.

“But keep your f—king mouth closed, man. Shut up, man. You’re a f—king bum. Who’s been given the world. Shut up and just stay under your father.”

There are other, more important things going on in the basketball world besides a former NBA player cursing out an old teammate, but this won’t do anything to deescalate things between Davis and now both Doc and Austin Rivers.

Hopefully Davis can calm back down and head back to the beach to enjoy the rest of his vacation. I’m sure we’ll hear from him again if either Rivers responds.