Go Behind The Scenes Of The Professor’s Dribbling Workouts

09.12.13 6 years ago

When he first busted through the door around 2003, you could go to any park in the country and catch a Professor wannabe. He was a monster basketball celebrity. AND1 was at its peak and the streetball craze was everywhere. Grayson Boucher is still known worldwide, even if the focus isn’t quite as bright. But the ironic part of ‘Fess’ journey? He’s probably five times better now than he was back then. The jumper is pure. The handle is just ridiculous. And it’s all because he’s worked and worked and worked.

“In the game of basketball, I don’t think there’s ever a limit or a cap on improvement,” Professor told BallisLife. “You never can say ‘I don’t need to improve anymore. I’ve already got to a certain point so I’m good.’ I think if you do have that attitude then you’re really gonna stunt your growth as a ballplayer. You’re never gonna achieve your full potential.”

After recently setting the Internet on fire with the Spider-Man Basketball videos, ‘Fess got up with BallisLife to go in-depth on his dribbling workouts and how he approaches the game.

Who has the best handle in the world?

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