Goran Dragic Picked Up A Technical Foul For Smacking The Back Of Ben Simmons’ Head

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The Sixers and Heat are examples of two NBA teams that don’t seem to like each other all that much. Their series has been defined by tough, physical play, as Miami is a team that like to grind out wins and Philadelphia is the kind of young team that will walk into any game and not be scared of anyone.

This has also meant that we’ve gotten some plays that can best be described as out of bounds. For example, in Game 3, Dwyane Wade grabbed Sixers wing Justin Anderson by the arm and threw him out of bounds, which resulted Anderson getting in his face in technical fouls being doled out.

In Game 5, we had another one of these moments that resulted in someone picking up a tech. Ben Simmons played some smother defense to force a Goran Dragic turnover in the third quarter and tried to spark a fast break. As Simmons was dribbling up the court, Dragic was on his hip, and once the Sixers’ guard looked like he was about to get by his opponent, Dragic decided it would be best to smack Simmons upside the head.

Dragic is a pretty laid-back player on the court, so it was pretty weird seeing this out of him. It led to a little jawing between Sixers and Heat players, and unsurprisingly, Dragic got T’d up.