Gregg Popovich Had Another Classic Interview With Doris Burke

Gregg Popovich and Doris Burke have a long history of entertaining sideline interviews. If Pop doesn’t feel like answering your questions, he won’t. Before the fourth quarter of last night’s game, Pop and Doris met again for another classic encounter.

Via Zach Lowe’s Grantland podcast, Burke admitted an interview with Pop in last year’s Conference Finals almost left her in tears:

Two words. I was devastated. It was brutal. It was absolutely brutal. I was almost in tears. I go back to where I sit, and I’m trying to compose myself, because I thought I asked two pretty good questions. And those were the responses I got. Almost in tears. Literally blinking back tears.

Here’s the interview Burke was referencing:

Last night, Burke led off with a question about LeBron James, and, well, we’ll let the video explain the rest:


We can’t wait for the next encounter between the two in this series. I’m not sure if Doris Burke feels the same.

(H/T SB Nation)

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