Here’s The First Classic Gregg Popovich Sideline Interview Of The 2015-16 Season

11.20.15 3 years ago

A note to reporters, journalists and writers across the league: Gregg Popovich will usually respond to good questions with thoughtful answers. Asking “what happened?” following a poor finish to the first quarter by the San Antonio Spurs, unfortunately, isn’t one of those queries.

The palpable disgust Popovich exhibits after replying to the first half of this “interview” is absolutely classic. For a man who’s won Coach of the Year three times, an hour wouldn’t be enough to describe why his team trailed an inferior opponent like the 1-11 New Orleans Pelicans by two points after 12 minutes of play – let alone 15 seconds.

Is Popovich always the most polite interviewee? Of course not. But is his frustration often as understandable as it hilarious? Definitely.

LaMarcus Aldridge, by the way, returned to the game shortly after leaving it with a twisted ankle.

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