Hassan Whiteside’s Feet Were Almost Touching The Floor When He Finished This Lob With A Reverse Dunk

Some dunks are impressive because of how high a guy goes to throw it home. Sometimes, though, they’re amazing just because a player doesn’t leave the floor at all.

Hassan Whiteside is normally one of the league’s high-flyers, but he doesn’t actually need that title.

Whiteside has a 7-foot-7 wingspan, and he measured a 9-foot-5 standing reach at the NBA combine, meaning his fingertips are only 7 inches away from the rim when he stretches them into the air. In reality, he’d only need about a 1 foot vertical to slam home a dunk.

That’s about how high he was off the floor when he crushed this lob through the rim. But don’t expect that to be routine. Whiteside is far more prone to jump over someone than not.