Hassan Whiteside Roasted Jabari Parker For Having A ‘Dr. Seuss, Monopoly-Ass Car’

The Sacramento Kings are a young, interesting team taking part in an immensely challenging NBA season. As such, downturns will happen, and the Kings are just 2-8 in the last ten games, largely due to a shaky defense. Still, it would be even more difficult to navigate in ups and downs of this grueling campaign without a bit of humor and, on Tuesday, Hassan Whiteside shared a window into some comedy from within the Kings’ roster.

Whiteside posted a video to Snapcat, complete with narration, and the comedic focus was on teammate Jabari Parker’s car as players loaded up with luggage.

Whiteside began by referring to Parker’s car as a “Dr. Seuss, Monopoly-ass car” and, upon finding out that it belonged to Parker, yelled out asking if Parker got the automobile from “Cat In The Hat.” From there, Whiteside called the call “future” and said Parker was a “trendsetter,” all while chuckling along.

Obviously, this isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it was undeniably hilarious. Both gentlemen have done well for themselves in terms of earning lucrative salaries in the NBA and, well, Parker’s car wasn’t the most typical choice, even for a man with millions of dollars. Whiteside decided to have some fun and share it with others. We can all relate to that, even if not to the purchase itself.