Hassan Whiteside Welcomed Himself Back To Miami With The Nerdiest Will Smith Drop Ever

Hassan Whiteside wanted to end his free agency tour on July 1 and he got his wish, agreeing to re-sign with the Miami Heat for 100 times more then what he made last year. To celebrate, he decided to overly rehearse a SnapChit to the 1998 hit “Miami” by Will Smith, except someone ripped the video and now it will live forever.

Thanks, SnapChat!

After flirting with Dallas and saying cryptic things like, “I’m a business man that plays basketball,” Whiteside ultimately opted to stay where his career was initially made. Poor Mark Cuban, always the bridesmaid and never the bride. I know what Cuban is missing: a catchy tune by Big Willie Style, obviously. They clearly needed should have remixed “Wild Wild West” and played it for Whiteside during their late-night free agency pitch on Friday.

However Whiteside wants to celebrate, he has about 100 million reasons to do so. Aside from affording their prized center a huge new huge max contract, the Heat now get to focus on Dwayne Wade being happy and ultimate free agency prize Kevin Durant. The 2014 MVP’s affection for Willennium, by the way, remains to be seen.

Party in the city where the heat is on, Hassan. Welcome (back) to Miami, bienvenido a Miami!