Hawks Rookie Dennis Schroder Nails Cousins In The Junk

This was ugly to watch. There are certain areas of the male anatomy that are fragile, and Hawks rookie Dennis Schroder broke all tenets of what is appropriate with a groin shot on DeMarcus Cousins that even had us doubled over in pain as we watched it on new Sacramento Kings owner Shaquille O’Neal‘s Instagram. Let’s take a look, but make sure you’re capable of keeping down your breakfast.

As Cousins set a pick for point guard Isaiah Thomas during last night’s Hawks-Kings game, Dennis Schroder slammed into Cousins and his forearm collided with that ever-so-delicate area. You can see Cousins wince in pain and hunch his shoulders. It’s a look and a feeling that most men who have played organized sports should recognize.


As James Han at Cowbell Kingdom notes, Schroder should expect a call from the league offices sometime today for the hit.

Schroder has struggled from the field for the Hawks in the season’s first week after becoming a sexy pick by hoops heads to impress in his rookie season. He’s shooting below the Mendoza line (40 percent) and has been godawful from beyond the arc, connecting on just 20 percent of his three-point attempts. But the Hawks got the win, 105-100, withstanding a late charge by Sacramento spearheaded by the little point guard that could, Isaiah Thomas. Zeke dropped 18 points in the final period on 5-of-7 shooting from the field. But he probably regrets using that Cousins screen. Ouch!

What do you think of the low blow by Schroeder?

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