Here Are 20 Of Jason Kidd’s All-Time Best Highlights

Along with his 1994 NBA Draft classmate Grant Hill, Jason Kidd has finally retired at the ripe age of 40. Kidd retires with a unique milestone that no other player in NBA history has accomplished: amassing 15,000 points, 10,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds. He also ranks third all time in three-point shots made, second all time in steals, and second all time in assists.

The best quote I saw from Kidd was from a phone interview that he had with some of the New York beat reporters for the Knicks. He said something that may reflect what he thought his greatest accomplishment was: a NBA championship.

“My game was to play defense and make my teammates better. The most important stat to me was that left column — winning. Nothing else matters.”

That brings us to some of Kidd’s best moments, moments that will helps fans remember him as a winner and a spectacular basketball player.

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20. Excuse the music. This mixtape shows his excellent manipulation of defenders.

19. Want proof that Kidd could dunk? You’re welcome.

18. Kidd was once a semi-fast guard.


16. This was kind of fun, if you enjoy Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson and Vince Carter making professionals look like amateurs.

15. Because the man majored in the spectacular…

14. …and clutch plays.

13. Even when he jump passes, a cardinal sin for point guards, he doesn’t commit the foul.

12. Did I mention the dunks?

11. Crossing over one of the best defensive players of all-time is just another feather in this man’s cap.

10. Vengeance? Possibly.

9. Kenyon Martin never broke a rim?

8. They used to own SportsCenter.

7. Fast forward through the first minute and you get to see the all-around dominance of Kidd.

6. The precision he used to make that pass is unfathomable.

5. If we made a list of the top 10 in-and-out moves in NBA history, this would certainly make the cut, if not take home the top spot.

4. He even faked me out on this play.

3. The guy was REALLY good at passing.

2. Well, that happened.

1. All he every truly cared about was winning a championship. Here’s to you, Jason Kidd.

What is Kidd’s best highlight in the NBA?

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