Here’s The Trailer For “Exploring Kaman,” Web Show Starring Chris Kaman

The Chris Kaman web television show you’ve been waiting for is finally almost here. Wait, what? Nobody was waiting for that? Well, “Exploring Kaman” debuts on October 17 anyway, and looks unlike anything we’ve ever seen involving an NBA player.

This trailer for the show was released yesterday. Take from it what you will:

Okay. Extreme fishing clips and inane locker room antics notwithstanding, our favorite parts of the preview above were these unintentionally hilarious quotes courtesy of the Portland Trail Blazers big man:

“I had dreams of grandeur – of catching a Blue Marlin. Do you know what grandeur is?”


“It’s awesome.”

Awesome, indeed.

“I think whoever would watch this would think there’s something wrong with me, and something wrong with my friends.”


Season one of “Exploring Kaman” debuts on October 17 at

(H/T r/nba) (Video via ExploringKaman)

How excited are you for “Exploring Kaman?”

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