A High School Basketball Player Threw Down A Behind-The-Back Dunk During A Game

Via WDBJ7Sports/Twitter

Jimma Gatwech attends Huntington Prep, and if you know high school basketball, you’ll know that school for being the one that has produced some NBA hoopers, most notably Minnesota Timberwolves guard/forward Andrew Wiggins. Still, with all due respect to Wiggins, nothing that he pulled off during his high school career was as impressive as this dunk that Gatwech threw down during a recent game.

A 6’4 guard recruit in the class of 2020 who 247Sports reports boasts scholarship offers from LSU and Western Kentucky, Gatwech jumped a passing lane and stole the ball from his opponent. He went the other way with absolutely no resistance from the other team, giving him a clear path to rise up uncontested.

Instead of just going up with one or two hands, Gatwech added a little bit of flair. A video captured by WDBJ7 Sports highlights Gatwech’s bunnies, as he brings the ball around his back as he elevates and dunks with ease.

There are plenty of basketball players with the ability to do something like this, but there aren’t many brave enough to try and pull this off during a game, so shout out to Gatwech for going for broke and having it pay off with a highlight he’ll never forget. Hopefully this leads to the young man going down the Zion Williamson path and attempting cool stuff whenever his team takes the floor going forward.

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