A High Schooler Slammed His Head Into The Backboard On A Block Attempt


The chasedown block is one of the coolest plays in basketball. It created the most iconic play of LeBron James’ career and is capable of demoralizing the opponent.

At the same time, it can be dangerous for both the player going for the block and the player going for a layup as it brings the possibility of a collision or awkward landing into play. Or, if you are a hyper-athletic player you might slam your head into the backboard if you’re not careful.

That’s what happened to Blaise Meredith of North Central High School in Iowa as he went for a chasedown block in a game on Wednesday night. Meredith gets the block, but also smashes his head into the backboard and crashes to the floor. Luckily, as reported by Skubie Mageza of KWQC TV, he would be fine and return to the game shortly after.

It’s both a terrifying moment and also a fairly incredible one, just given the rather insane height you have to get to hit your head that solidly on the backboard. The sound it makes is unlike anything I’ve ever heard on a basketball floor, but happily he pops up and is able to walk back to his sideline and eventually come back in the game (hopefully after passing some form of concussion protocol).

Most impressively, he also got the block clean before colliding with the backboard in what was a very good defensive play with a rather spectacular and scary finish.

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