A High School Basketball Player Who Punched An Opponent In The Handshake Line Was Charged With A Felony

A recent high school basketball game in Iowa ended with one player getting hit with a felony for attacking someone on the other team in the handshake line. Following Tuesday night’s game between Carlisle and Nevada, one Carlisle player, Carter Prenosil, hopped into the handshake line and threw several surprise punches once he met the first player on the opposing team.

Prenosil, who is 17, was arrested on Wednesday and faces a felony count of willful injury, and if convicted faces up to 10 years in prison. According to TMZ, the incident led to the opposing player getting diagnosed with a concussion and receiving four stitches due to a cut on his mouth.

“He said something during the game that Carter didn’t like so at the end, Carter went up and finished it,” one Carlisle student, JayJay Noring, told KCCI. “Which was a little way too beyond if you ask me. He didn’t have to go that far.”

In a statement, Dr. Steve Gray, the superintendent of Nevada Community School District, said that “it sounds like our student-athlete is going to be alright” and that “I’m very appreciative of the response of our coaches and players, as well as the Carlisle administration, for quickly de-escalating the situation.”