Highlights From Kevin Durant’s Twitter Q&A

01.23.14 4 years ago 2 Comments
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports)

Perhaps borrowing the idea from his friend/rival/peeer, LeBron James, Kevin Durant opened up a forum for fans to ask him questions on Twitter today as he was traveling to Boston. He didn’t answer too many questions, but those he did were pretty revealing, while some were downright shocking. Come guess what KD said about his new nickname, the fastest players in the NBA and the best shooter in the NBA — perdictably, he didn’t say himself because KD is to humility what Kobe is to ruthlessness.

This was surprising, if only because most people don’t know Ish Smith. Washington’s John Wall would have been our guess too, but don’t sleep on Ish, a third-year guard out of Wake Forest. If you don’t know Ishmael Smith, he’s played for Orlando, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Golden State after being drafted by Houston. He’s so fast, no NBA team can hang on to him.

We covered this earlier today.

This was the one that made us shake our heads. We sort of agree with him, but he’s been shooting so well over the last couple weeks, it’s hard not to think he’s forcing the modesty just a tad.

We love Richard Sherman, too, but the diction is, um, awkward.

KD loves his Redskins.

And his Longhorns.

VINCE! Mr. Carter showed what KD is talking about just the other night.

We know Kevin fancies himself a football player, but this is obviously in jest.

Love you Durantula Slim Reaper KD!

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