Houston Thinks They Have An All-Star; Durant Is Taking Over

08.28.12 6 years ago

While some NFL fan bases are already throwing in the towel after a few preseason games — hello, New York Jets — August is still a time for optimism in the NBA. Right now you can look at just about every NBA roster and see something to like, and with more than half of the league making the playoffs, last year’s worst team can start to look like this year’s postseason surprise … Which brings us to the Houston Rockets. After swinging and missing in aggressive trade pitches Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol over the past year, the Rockets have put together a collection of talent that could sneak up on the Western Conference. Maybe. General manager Daryl Morey says he’s aiming to have an All-Star or two on Houston’s roster this year, and he’s not talking about an established All-Star he’s going to land in an upcoming deal we don’t know about. Morey specifcially mentioned Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik as potential All-Stars. Well, now that Dwight Howard is in L.A. and the Spurs finally admitted Tim Duncan is a center, Asik is gonna have a tough road ahead of him even if he puts up great numbers. As for Lin, he has a chance to be voted in as an All-Star starter. But with Yao Ming, at least most of the time it was deserved. What kind of numbers would Lin have to put up for you to be OK with him getting an All-Star nod over, say, Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul or Tony Parker? … If we had to bet on anybody making the All-Star roster for the Rockets this season, we’d actually pick Kevin Martin. His name has been thrown around so many trade scenarios lately that you’d think the Rockets don’t value him, but the guy is a natural-born scorer. That is if he doesn’t lose a lot of playing time to rookie Jeremy Lamb … You know it’s glacially slow in the NBA when Anthony Tolliver and Josh Harrellson are among the top newsmakers of the day. Does anybody not related to them really care which team lands them in free agency? Maybe if you’re in like a 35-team fantasy league it matters, or if you’re their landlord you wanna know if rent is gonna be paid. Anyway, Harrellson is still visiting with teams but his name keeps getting tied to Miami, and Tolliver is rumored to be on the Hawks’ radar … Hit the jump to read about Kevin Durant’s ambition. …

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